Outside Vertical Arch Support

01. Outside Vertical Arch Support

Stabilizes the calcaneus (heel bone) without elevating the base of the 5th metatarsal bone (which would cause stress on that region of the foot).

Gates For The Plantar Fasciae

02. Gates For The Plantar Fasciae

Series of supports designed to relieve the burden on the plantar fasciae.

Inside Vertical Arch Support

03. Inside Vertical Arch Support

Designed so that its peak is placed directly under the navicular. The arch support is located more towards the heel than other products, so as not to irritate the 1st metatarsal bone.

Metatarsal Arch Support

04. Metatarsal Arch Support

Prevention and care of foot troubles due to insufficient space. (e.g. - hallux valgus, pain on cuneiform and metatarsal bones, corns, etc.)

Toe Bed

05. Toe Bed

Allows the toes to be spread to maximize toe strength when starting each step. Beneath the toes is a ridge that increases contact surface area. The toes are able to use this ridge for support so that the muscles donít over-contract.

Three Point Support & Larger Base Support Area

01. Three Point Support & Larger Base Support Area

Creates stability and thrust performance while walking.

Achieves a superior level of stability with a three point touch down;
heel first, then balls of the great and small toe.

The base support area is much larger than conventional heels.

02. Rocker Sole

An innovation that promotes the ideal series of walking phases:

Rocker Sole

Helps retracting movement and improves thrust performance while walking.

03. Heel Height

AKAISHI footwear offers heel heights between 25Ė30mm. Based on research results, this is the optimal range for heel height to produce the easiest gait with the lowest oxygen consumption.

The base support area is much larger than conventional heels.

Upper Belt Strap

Secures the middle of the foot so that the bottom of the foot is in constant contact with the insole. Arch support does not work as effectively if the support is not in the correct position when the foot makes contact with the ground.